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Rare Cat Found Living On The Tallest Mountain In The World

There are unique cats that live on Mount Everest, according to a recent discovery made by a field team of experts.

Cats belonging to the Pallas, sometimes referred to as manuls, managed to evade detection until 2019. Somewhere near the Southern Flank of Mount Everest, there are at least two of them alive. For scientists and environmentalists throughout the world, the discovery is incredibly important, and it’s also incredibly adorable for everyone else.


With a few cute variations, Pallas’s cats are roughly the same size as typical house cats. They resemble fat little stuffed animals because of their short legs and dense, fluffy fur. Since they are primarily covered in fur, which insulates them from the cold, they are actually smaller and lighter than they appear. It makes sense that they would choose a place like Mount Everest to reside as they are adept at scaling steep fissures and cliff walls. The mere sight of these wild animals can bring forth a great deal of happiness, but they are dangerous and cannot be kept as pets.


They appear like cartoon figures, bouncing around Mount Everest minding their own business, thanks to their large faces and protruding ears.


According to Dr. Tracie Seimon of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoological Health Program, “It is wonderful to discover proof of this rare and extraordinary species at the top of the globe.”


The precise number of Pallas’s cats on Mount Everest will be determined by future studies, which will also help to protect them so they can continue to live their best lives.


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