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Rare Golden Possum Rescued By Australian Veterinary Clinic Looks Like Pikachu

You undoubtedly begged your parents for a Pikachu as a birthday present when you were a youngster, whether you confess it or not. And you were undoubtedly sad when you learnt the lovely Pokemon was only a fictitious character and not real. This uncommon golden possum is certainly the closest thing to a real-life Pikachu, so having one is no longer a pipe dream. That is, if you are lucky enough to catch one, as this kind of possum is extremely rare. As a result, the chances of locating one are quite tiny.

Boronia Veterinary Clinic & Animal Hospital in Australia welcomed its newest resident in November 2018. It was a possum with yellow silky hair rather than the normal greyish black rough fur. The uncanny likeness between the possum and Pikachu was soon observed. Both species have yellow hair, tall erect ears, and dark button eyes. Because of its resemblance to the Pokemon character, the possum became an immediate online star.

This Rare Golden Possum Looks Just Like Pikachu

Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

Boronia Veterinary Facility and Hospital’s Dr. Stephen Reinisch explained how the popular possum ended up at the clinic. The yellow-colored female possum was discovered on the ground after apparently sliding from her mother’s back. She was five months old when she was brought into the facility for treatment.

“She was a little hesitant at first, which was to be anticipated considering the peculiar circumstances she had found herself in,” Dr. Stephen Reinisch stated.

Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

The tiny possum will be cared for at the clinic before being placed with caretakers. She is still too young to return to the wild at this time. As a result, she must live with the caregivers until she is ready. According to the clinic’s viral post, the yellow marsupial is a rare variant of the common brushtail possum. Their golden fur is produced by a mutation that results in a low level of melanin, the pigment responsible for their usual hue.

Pikachu (as the internet has decided to call her) isn’t the only one of her type. The fact is that common brushtail possums are prevalent throughout Australia. Although the golden type is extremely rare, it does exist in the state. Here are some more lovely possums like Pikachu. So, have your Pokeball ready.



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