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Rare Weather Event In Finland Results In Thousands Of ‘Ice Eggs’ On Beach, See Pics

A unusual collection of “ice eggs” has been discovered in Filad, a phenomeo scientists believe only occurs under extremely specific coditios.

Risto Mattila, who snapped the eggs, said he and his wife were walking along Marjaiemi beach on Hailoto Island on Tuesday when they came upon the frozen balls covering a 30-metre (98-foot) expanse of shoreline.

“The largest egg was around the size of a football,” said Mattila, a hobby photographer. “It was an incredible view. I’ve never seen anything like this pheomeo before.” According to Joi Vaiio, an ice specialist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the occrrece was not common, but it may happen once a year under the correct climatic conditions.

“Yoυ пeed the correct air temperatυre (below zero, bυt oпly a little), the right water temperatυre (пear freeziпg poiпt), a shallow aпd geпtly slopiпg saпdy beach aпd quiet waves, maybe a light swell,” he stated.

“You also require something to serve as the core. The core starts to accumulate ice around it, and the surge carries it all the way down the beach, forward and back. A little ball surface becomes wet, freezes, and grows larger and larger.”

According to Dr James Carter, emeritus professor of geography-geology at Illinois State University, tm is the best time to witness the pheomeo since this is when ice begins to develop on the surface of the water, creating a type of slsh when pushed by waves.


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