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Russian Couple Adopted An Orphaned Bear 23 Years Ago, And They Still Live Together

There is no doubting that the brown bear should be designated as the national animal of Russia. These savage hunters are a good representation of the Slavic people and their culture due to their average weight of approximately 200 kg, remarkable power, and durability. And while most of these creatures live in the huge woods and taigas, one of them has discovered a very different way of existence.

Meet Stepan, a bear that Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko keep as a pet and live with in Moscow, Russia. When Stepan or Stephen the bear was barely a 3-month-old orphan cub, the Panteleenkos adopted him. Svetlana and Yuriy chose to adopt the bear cub after discovering him abandoned and in poor condition in a forest by hunters.

After 23 years, Stepan has developed into a devoted and, let’s face it, adorable bear who enjoys watching TV with his owners and helps out around the home by watering the plants. According to Mrs. Panteleenko, “He likes humans and is a social bear; contrary to popular belief, he is not at all hostile.” “Stepan has never bit any of us.

The daily diet of the Russian bear includes 25 kg of seafood, veggies, and eggs. However, the goofy stays in shape because to his passion for football. He keeps himself occupied by appearing in movies and posing for pictures.

More info: (h/t: dailymail)

When Stepan was an orphaned cub of three months old, this couple adopted him.

Hunters discovered him in a jungle, weak and alone.

But Svetlana and Yuriy cared for him, and he recovered.

He’s a lovable goofy now, age 23!

He is a very friendly bear that genuinely likes people.

Contrary to popular belief, he is not violent at all.

“Stepan has never bit us before.”

He does appreciate his cup of tea.

But nothing compares to cuddling on a couch with his people.

Did we also add that his greatest love is gardening?

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