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Sidney Poitier becomes emotional while discussing the waiter who taught him how to read

When we look at superstars, it is easy to overlook their sometimes modest beginnings. One of those instances is Sidney Poitier, one of the most famous performers of all time.

In every sense, he was a gentleman, but he was also a skilled diplomat and film director.

Sidney Potier, a well-known actor, died last year, but not before revealing an unexpected explanation for his success. In “CBS Sunday Morning,” Poitier addressed a former waiter coworker.

Source: Twitter/CBSSunday

Poitier was a well-known Hollywood star in his latter years, and he was the first black actor to receive an Academy Award in the 1960s.

Yet, prior to his roles in “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” and “The Heat of the Night,” Poitier couldn’t even read a screenplay.

In his childhood, the future actor would frequently bring the newspaper into work while cleaning dishes for a restaurant. Most employees believed it was because he loved reading the publication, but this was not the case.

Source: Twitter/CBSSunday

One of his coworkers, an older Jewish server, once asked the young man what was in the newspapers. When Poitier confessed he could not read the newspaper, the man instantly offered to read the articles with him.

Poitier agreed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Every every night. Everyone has left, and he has been there with me week after week after week. I learnt a great deal. “And then things started happening,” the actor stated on the show, wiping away tears.

Source: Twitter/CBSSunday

His coworker and buddy taught him every aspect of the English language, from punctuation to pronunciation.

Poitier made a big success as an adult and is still recognized for his eloquence on television and in person.

The actor’s one regret is that he never got to thank his old pal for the instruments that helped launch his career. As the actor returned to the restaurant, he realized it was too late to thank him.

We hope Poitier was able to finally thank his close buddy now that he has joined him.

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