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Single Dad Works 4 Jobs to Feed His Family, Stranger Shows up to Reward Him on Father’s Day

A single father put in long hours of work to support his family. He never wavered when it came to accepting additional responsibilities or making unending sacrifices for his kids. Then, one day, he was overcome with emotion by a touching surprise.

The love a parent has for their children cannot be quantified. Frequently, when we think of parental love, the first image that comes to mind is of a mother’s unwavering commitment to her children. We sometimes overlook a father’s unwavering love for his children, which only grows stronger with time.

Not every hero dons a cape. Many children look up to their fathers as their first heroes and role models for the simple reason that a father’s selflessness, goodness, patience, and fidelity are unmatched. We’re going to tell you a tale about something similar today.


A Man of Many Titles

Former Marine, single father, and survivor Harley Harlington. These were not his only honors throughout the course of more than seven decades. Although he gave off the impression of being rather tough, he kept his internal issues to himself.

He was a devoted father and grandpa who never missed an opportunity to show his kids unending affection. For his family’s sake, Harlington never wavered and patiently suffered through all of the hardships in silence.

Still Going Strong

Harlington put forth a lot of effort each day to support his family. Despite not being in the best of health, he made sure his children never had to worry and that he was always there for them. Kirsten, his granddaughter, disclosed:

“He has worked his entire life. He was formerly a marine. He underwent a kidney transplant, which took an eternity to complete, and he is still in good health.

The Day That Changed Everything

But it didn’t end there. In addition to giving his children his undivided attention, Harlington also had a strong sense of compassion and made an effort to assist others. Robbin spoke about her father’s unselfish character:

“He is a man who gives to so many people and never refuses anything from anyone. He is willing to give his entire wardrobe.

Despite his health issues, Harlington never wavered in his obligations, and his daughter and granddaughter were aware of his unending efforts. In 2016, he was shocked beyond belief when a stranger knocked on his home.

A Huge Surprise

The old guy was astonished to discover a lady holding a microphone when he opened the door. Harlington had no idea what was going on, but to his surprise, the woman at his door then gave him a beautiful flower arrangement. Harlington remarked as he accepted the bouquet, “Wow. This is unexpected.

After that, Jackson gave the family a red box, which they opened and were left speechless by what they saw inside.

The woman revealed out to be Monica Jackson from the FOX5 Surprise Squad, who was joined by Kirsten Harlington, her granddaughter. They were welcomed inside by Harlington and sat down in the living room.

A Devoted Father

Soon later, when Jackson questioned Harlington about his challenges in life, he mentioned his kidney transplant and how it had given him an additional 25 to 30 years of life. Also, he added:

“At one point, I held four jobs in addition to owning a business. Just so I could put Christmas tree decorations up and food on the table.

Truly Selfless

Harlington was Jackson’s family’s go-to guy, Kirsten said as she sat on the sofa next to him. Jackson questioned Harlington about how he made sure to be present for his kids at all times, and he responded:

Even if all you can provide is an ear to listen, do what you can. You perform the action with no anticipation of compensation of any kind. You put your heart into it.

It was later discovered that the devoted father and grandfather drove a lot, including picking up and dropping off Kirsten at work, in an unreliable van. According to Harlington, the van’s heater and air conditioner had both failed.

“An Exceptional Father”

Jackson then introduced the grandfather-granddaughter team to two representatives from Sudden Impact Auto Body who promised to repair the van’s heating and air conditioning. Jose Gutierrez from the car shop was greatly affected by Harlington’s story. He revealed:

He is a fantastic parent. It’s obvious. And I find him to be touching.”

Harlington and Kirsten were moved by the FOX5 Surprise Squad’s kind act, as was to be anticipated, and they couldn’t stop praising them. There was, however, still more to come. After that, Jackson gave the family a red package, which they opened and were left staring at in shock.

“Family Will Always Be There”

When Harlington discovered the box containing $1500, he was astounded. He cried and remarked, “Utterly dumbfounded,” as he sought for a tissue to dry his tears. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this.

But who had gotten in touch with the FOX5 Surprise Squad was the real mystery. According to Jackson, Kirsten and Robbin contacted them in the hopes that they might do something to make Harlington’s 2016 Father’s Day a bit more memorable. The grandfather kissed his grandchild and said:

“Family is the only thing you have in life if nothing else. There is always family.

Love a Daughter Has for Her Father

Jackson sat down with Robbin and Harlington after the pleasant surprise because the former was out of town for business when the Surprise Squad visited their property. When asked why she called FOX5, Robbin replied:

“He’s suffered and been through so much with the kidney transplant and all the doctors and transferring him from Arizona to here. Throughout it all, he remained incredibly strong. And when his car’s air conditioning went out, I immediately knew I had to do something to aid him (sic).”

Advice from a Single Father

Then Jackson expressed to Harlington how affected she and everyone others were by his generous heart. She also asked what advise he would give to other single parents, to which he replied:

“I’m not sure whether there is a formula or anything like that. You must look after your children. They come first, before everything else, and you will be rewarded if you do. That should go without saying.”

Harlington also mentioned that he had called his kidney “Junior” and hoped to be the greatest version of himself for his family.

Without a doubt, this self-sacrificing father’s devotion was lavishly repaid. Despite his pain, he always prioritized his family, and his time was valued.

Have you ever met a parent figure who was as generous and unselfish as Harlington? Please share this touching tale with those who have selfless and caring parents.

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