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So the three brothers can stay together, a couple adopts them

My memories of my childhood are limited to a moment when I felt secure and loved. I was raised in a family that loved me and wanted the best for me from the moment I was born.

Sadly, not all kids enjoy this level of security. Some children spend their whole lives in adoption and shelter homes, never experiencing what it’s like to have a true family.

This Christmas, three brothers will be able to say with certainty that they were raised by KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

The biological brothers of Joey, 3, Logan, 2, and Noah, 1, are. On National Adoption Day, November 23, they all moved into their new home together.

The adventure of KC and Lena as adoptive parents began when they legally adopted Joey a year ago (who was two then).

According to Good Morning America, KC and Lena met Joey for the first time at a Children’s Friend event.

We saw a picture of Joey, and Children’s Friend suggested it would be a suitable match, Lena said. “He was 18 months old at the time.”

They ultimately adopted Joey as a youngster in March. But that was just the beginning.

The Curries soon received a call from Children’s Friend informing them that Joey had a 6-week-old brother named Noah who also required a home.

The moment they learned that there was a third sibling, Logan, whose adoption into another family had fallen through, KC and Lena immediately said yes. The Curries saw that as a sign that someone was attempting to communicate with them.

Logan moved in with them a month after they had permitted Noah to do so.

That’s what we believed, KC said to GMA. “In the end, we were going to say yes because we wanted the brothers to stay together. They may rely on one another and navigate that journey together when they are older and have questions.

KC and Lena have done a fantastic job taking care of these brothers despite the challenges of being parents to three children under the age of four.

Being a member of a loving family is a treasure that cannot be described, and Joey, Logan, and Noah will now have the opportunity to grow up together.

This is the first year and the first Christmas where everything is real and true, according to Lena.

We can now start planning for kindergarten, athletics, and all those enjoyable activities, stated KC.

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