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Spectacular Multi-Colored Plumage And Unique Shape, The Mandarin Duck Is Rocking The World Of Birds

The Mandarin duck is a magnificent bird! This species is also known as the world’s most beautiful bird.

The rationale is simple, isn’t it? These birds were born with stunning multicolored plumage and a distinct form. They feature an orange face, a metallic blue forehead, a brown neck, a purple chest with bronze-colored sides, and a blue back with two orange’sails.

Stock Photos from James Chen/Shutterstock

Mandarin ducks have a crimson beak, a white crescent above their eyes, and ‘whiskers’ in addition to their beautifully attractive coat. All of these traits make this species stand out everywhere they go.

The Mandarins brought this bird over from China in the twentieth century. However, some of them fled and established their own colony.

Stock Photos from haseg77/Shutterstock

They frequently inhabit densely forested and shrubby regions, such as riverbanks. During the breeding season, the female also breeds here.

Plants and seeds are the primary sources of nutrition for the Mandarin duck. Depending on the season, they also eat snails, insects, and tiny fish.

This bird’s population has been declining in recent years owing to habitat destruction. However, it is not listed as an endangered species.

Stock Photos from Jay Gao/Shutterstock




Stock Photos from haseg77/Shutterstock




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