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The Dog Checks Up On Newborn Triplets To Make Sure They Are Safe

Sunny, a tiny Goldenddle from Branford, Connecticut, is the proud guardian of three newborn triplets. The dog is so taken with the new family members that he pays them frequent visits to make sure everything is in order.

Image: @Thebarnestrio

Lauren Barnes, a new mother, posted a video of Sunny checking on ‘his’ puppies on TikTok, which quickly went viral. Barnes’ lovely video, called “cuteness verload,” is warming hearts all over the internet. Barnes has been posting videos of her gorgeous triplets since they were born, with Sunny appearing in the vast majority of them.

In the video, all three triplets are curled in and relaxing on the couch. Sunny has arrived to double-check everything that looks to be in order. The two-month-old infants appear to be looking forward to the arrival of their canine companion.

Image: @Thebarnestrio

This quick morning check is a treasured family tradition. Sunny leans on a neighboring footstool, lovingly nuzzling one of the triplets. He extends his body across the couch in order to obtain a better view of these small folks. He only stays long enough to ensure that baby number ne is happy and content.

Then it’s time to find out what’s up with baby number tw. Sunny adjusts his weight and extends his back again. The infant appears to perk up and observe Sunny with her bright eyes. Baby number three receives the last inspection with a smell and a kiss. Sunny reports that everything looks to be in order in this location. “My role here is dne,” Sunny the dg adds.

Image: @Thebarnestrio

Most dogs love newborns and babies, but it takes a special type to keep a watch on them while providing the best hugs. Sunny seemed to like being around these infants, and I’m sure they do as well. Sunny will be a steady best friend for the kids as they grow older.

View the video below.

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