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The story of a boy who helped his dad to warm his newborn twin siblings: the lovely photo went viral

A novel way of nursing newborns was pioneered by Scandinavian maternity facilities few years ago.

The technique looked to be the most appropriate answer. A snapshot of the remedy quickly went viral on the Internet when it became extensively utilized.

A little kid warmed one of his baby siblings as his father warmed the other.

Furthermore, the procedure is particularly useful in the case of preterm newborns, who are placed on their mothers’ and fathers’ chests.

Actually, it is a highly useful technique for the newborn: it offers the infant a sense of tranquility and positivity.

Furthermore, “skin-to-skin” contact helps preterm newborns reduce post-birth stress, allowing them to survive and recover more rapidly.

The survival rate of preterm newborns weighing 1 to 1.5 kg has lately risen from 30% to 70% as a result of this remarkable treatment.

As a result, when these preterm kids were delivered, their parents were taken aback and attempted everything they could to save them.

Of course, with the assistance and unwavering support of the physicians!

As a result, their 5-year-old son was equally concerned about the situation.

The little kid also desired to do action to assist his twin brothers.

As a result, both his parents and the medical personnel consented to let him in.

They believed that it was critical to develop the child’s empathy for others from an early age.

So the child volunteered and warmed one of his brothers so quickly that the users couldn’t help but notice him.

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