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The World’s Only Brown Panda Is Currently Living Happily In His Panda Valley

Pandas are just too cute. This remains the same even when they reach adulthood. People who see these big, silly guys always smile and have a good time. Although they might be troublemakers at times, we can’t get enough of how adorable they are.

The adorable panda in this tale named Qizai—which means “the seventh son”—is a little more unique. He is the only brown panda in existence right now, and he is brown. His mother is a mixed-race woman. The brown and white coat of Qizai is thought to be the result of a genetic abnormality.

The brown panda was bullied by other pandas after being abandoned at the age of two months. In the Qingling Mountains in Central China, a nature reserve discovered him there, weak and abandoned. He fortunately has a healthy and happy childhood.

Qizai, who is now 9 years old, is happy living in the Foping Panda Valley. He has a personal caregiver who is responsible for ensuring Qizai is fed and is in good health. The brown panda consumes about 44 pounds of bamboo daily and weighs more than 220 pounds.

The bear is ‘kind, amusing, and adorable,’ according to Qizai’s keeper, who also noted that he is slower than the other pandas.

Qizai have never married. He was given a date with Zhu Zhu, an 18-year-old female panda. We shall welcome the second brown panda into the world if everything goes according to plan. I suppose it’s worth hoping for.






H/T: Boredpanda

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