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This Kind Dog Visits An Elderly Woman Every Day To Inspire Her

According to Heath, Jade’s human companion who agreed to an interview with Bored Panda, the 35-pound, 1.5-year-old Australian Shepherd and Shiba Inu mix has been living a “second life” as a support dog.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

Heath said that his partner is the administrator of a home health care facility in a brief narrative that was uploaded on Reddit, namely on the r/Dogs topic (another excellent source of dopamine).

This is Jade’s story of living “a second life” and helping an elderly person in need. It was recently posted online by Reddit.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

The woman and Jade had been close friends for a long time. Sadly, on the day of her husband’s passing, the woman’s dog also passed away. She was quite upset about this.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

Jade should accompany them to Heath’s girlfriend’s client’s home, he said. Since Jade is aware of how elderly and feeble she is, she seems to be acting softly on purpose. According to Heath’s account, she eats breakfast and supper together with Jade.

Jade received a “mountain of toys” from Mrs. Riddle as a result of their apparent compatibility. Jade can’t help but jump, shriek, and scurry away everytime Heath or his colleague asks her whether she wants to go to Mrs. Riddle’s.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

The buyer remarked that her life now had purpose, according to Heath. Jade goes to Mrs. Riddle’s house while I’m at work. She is reachable from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Jade seems to have turned this into her full-time job! And it’s amazing to think that Jade purposefully developed into a therapy dog for someone who has gone through a great deal of loss.

Heath claimed that he was inspired to tell this tale because, in general, he enjoys writing and talking about Jade. He believed that the gorgeous dog lovers on Reddit would enjoy and learn from this.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

Since she was just 8 weeks old, Heath has had Jade as a dog. He got her from a woman in Palmer, Alaska, hoping she would help his mental state. Jade’s mother is a cross between an American Eskimo dog and a Shiba Inu, while her father is an Australian shepherd.

Heath suggested that his girlfriend bring Jade over to assist Mrs. Riddle. They connected immediately away.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

As part of his “frugality and adventure experiment,” he constructed a sleeper for his car, and the two are presently boondocking in it.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

“Jade is a sweetheart, but she’s also quite protective of myself and those she considers to be members of our pack.” She is really cuddly. “She’s cuddled into my side as I’m writing this,” Heath said of Jade’s dogonality. Caninality? Dogsona? You make the call.

She is part Eskimo dog, so it should not be a surprise that she enjoys jogging. Heath revealed that he often attaches a leash to her and uses her to pull him down the Coastal Trail in Anchorage as he skateboards.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

She enjoys playing fetch. For her first birthday, I bought her around 60 racquetballs and gave them to her all at once. When the balls started to bounce, she totally lost her mind!

She has been trained, much like Heath’s dog. She became utterly infatuated with beef liver treats when she first found them. But let’s return to the story. Mrs. Riddle was not her real name, and Heath reiterated in the comments that she had previously worked as a teacher in Texas. The reactions from everyone showed their admiration for Jade and her story.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

The general public thought it was fantastic that Heath and his partner are helping those in need while also spreading the joy that dogs can provide. Dogs also seem to possess a sixth instinct when it comes to identifying people who want aid.

One commenter asserted that dogs are only capable of understanding unconditional love. We are thankful for it even if we don’t completely deserve it. Others commended Heath for showing mercy by letting Mrs. Riddle spend the day with Jade. Jade seems to be experiencing no problems at all, so everything appears to be in order.

Image source: Heath | Backseat Bedroom

Jade, who is 1.5 years old, enjoys hanging out with Mrs. Riddle as well as jumping around, playing with balls, eating foods made of cow liver, and snacking on such foods. It seems to be a success overall because Jade also enjoyed it. Jade is lovely, and we hope the best for her. What a wonderful puppy!

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