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This kind hearted vet walks around treating homeless people’s animals for free

As everyone knows, it’s practically hard for homeless people to provide healthcare for their pets, but this man is doing everything he can to alter that. Everyone meets Dr. Kwane Stewart, also known as the Street Vet, a kind-hearted guy who walks the streets of California, providing medical care to homeless people’s animals.

Image: Dr. Kwane Stewart

Dr. Stewart’s desire to help others began in 2011, more than a decade ago. He resolved to do something about the rising number of stray animals at the time. Since then, he has not only been treating these creatures, but he has also paid for their therapies – and sometimes for their food – out of his own money. But the Street Vet understands that he must assist as many people as possible!

Image: Dr. Kwane Stewart

“I had a complete line before I realized it,” Dr. Stewart told CNN. “It had something about it that I liked.” I did it one more time before deciding to just take it to the street and approach homeless individuals rather than waiting for them to approach me.”

Dr. Stewart assisted hundreds of animals on his expedition, and the experience let him see the world in a new light. It changed him for the better.

Image: Dr. Kwane Stewart

“Before I started performing this work, I had my own prejudices regarding homeless individuals,” the vet admitted. “You merely guess about their story without knowing anything about them.” You immediately realize that you have no idea what placed them there.”

Image: Dr. Kwane Stewart

Fortunately, Dr. Stewart is not alone in his effort, as many individuals have begun to donate to his cause. He’s even put up a GoFundMe website where animal lovers may contribute.

Image: Dr. Kwane Stewart

“Minor procedures such as ear infections, flea treatment, or immunizations can cost approximately $100, however more critical cases of pet care such as tumor removal or dentistry with extractions can cost up to $1,500,” he explained.

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