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Tiger cub rejected by his own mother finds comfort in tiny puppy

After being abandoned in this world, a tiger cub discovered why dogs are known as men’s greatest friends. The small wild cat was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, and his life appeared dismal until he found the nicest puppy in the world!

Image credit: Barcroft Media

Hunter, a cute Bengal tiger kitten, was abandoned by his rescue mother soon after birth. The tigress had spent a long period in captivity before being freed and taken to the Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa. But, as is often the case with imprisoned wild animals, she lost her maternal instincts, making her cub’s existence much more difficult.

“We believe Hunter was born at a moment when the female may have been compromised in some manner,” said Anthea Michaletos, a Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary worker.

Image credit: Barcroft Media

Everyone at the refuge was concerned that Hunter would perish without a mother to keep him warm and care for him. They were all mistaken, for the fragile tiger began to flourish after meeting Chelsea, a kind German Pointer.

Image credit: Barcroft Media

Despite their vast differences, Hunter and Chelsea immediately became inseparable friends, which filled the volunteers’ hearts with delight!

Image credit: Barcroft Media

“When I take Chelsea out in the morning, she will go to his cage and welcome Hunter,” Anthea explained. “There’s a lot of wrestling going on; she [Chelsea] throws him over and then he leaps on her. Having a four-legged playmate is incredibly beneficial [for Hunter] because he can play just as he would with another litter mate. He was the sole cub in his litter, so having a companion is critical for him.”

Chelsea and Hunter are another another example of an unusual connection that helps animals grow and overcome adversity. This sweet friendship, however, will not endure forever, according to Anthea, as it may be unsafe for them to play together when Hunter reaches the age of six months. But I’m not betting on it because the animal world never ceases to astonish us with their unlikely friendships!

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