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Two Shelter Dogs Can’t Live Without Each Other, Insist On Being Adopted Together

Dogs may form bonded pairs as well as members of the same family. Scroll down to see for yourself if you don’t trust us! Meet Merrill and Taco, a pit bull and a chihuahua that were given to the San Francisco animal sanctuary Rocket Dog Rescue. They became inseparable despite being two different breeds and developing a close connection. They never parted from one other’s presence, did everything together, and were constantly together. They would sob if they were split apart.

Image: Facebook/Merrill-Taco-683548515097454

After seeing their attachment, the volunteers and staff at the shelter realized that they needed to be adopted as a pair in order to survive. There aren’t many people who are prepared to adopt both of them, though.

Image: Facebook/Merrill-Taco-683548515097454

Then, in an effort to connect Taco and Merrill with a family, they posted their tale on social media. “These two are the most in love with one another that the shelter has ever witnessed. When they leave one another’s side, they both cry. We can’t let this dynamic duo to lose each other now that they have lost their family and home!

A family in San Diego ultimately learned about the incident when it swiftly went viral. They made the decision to bring Taco and Merrill home after falling in love with both of them. The two dogs were constantly together, and the family took good care of them. In order to keep everyone updated on the two, they vowed to publish images of them.

Image: Facebook/Merrill-Taco-683548515097454

After three years of residing with his new family, Taco sadly went away. Despite passing away, he had a permanent home and a beautiful existence for the final three years of his life.

Image: Facebook/Merrill-Taco-683548515097454

“We had an extremely awful day yesterday. Taco is no longer with us. He was a tremendous presence in a little package. We anticipated having him for a year when we adopted him. We received 3. We are extremely grateful that he has become a part of our family.”

Image: Facebook/Merrill-Taco-683548515097454

Source: Merrill & Taco

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