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Watch adorable deer family enjoying blossoms in Japan’s quiet Nara Park

Beautiful photos of a herd of deer relaxing under cherry blossom trees in Nara Park in Japan have lately gone viral. The cherry blossom season makes Nara Park a popular destination for both locals and tourists from all over the world.

However, due to the present health crisis, the park has become an unusually tranquil spot, far removed from the congested place it was in previous years, particularly during the bloom season. In the absence of tourists, the deer appear to relish the time like they have never done before.

The popular park is home to over 1,000 wild deer, all of which are “extremely lively and sociable,” according to some tourist evaluations. In reality, feeding them by park visitors is a long-standing habit. “You may walk up to the deer and take photographs with them, or feed them with ‘deer-crackers’ sold along the road,” according to the park’s website.

Seen as a “symbol of the city,” several of the deer in the park use to bow to visitors. That’s how the lovely creatures ask for food. “Make sure to bow at them, as they will bow back,” a reviewer said. “When we got the biscuits a number of deer did rush up to us, so please be mindful of that. But all they want are your biscuits!”

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