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Woman discovers co-worker is actually her sister, and finally meets her biological father after 32 years

The cosmos does really function in mysterious ways. What are the chances of becoming close friends with a coworker and discovering years later that you are actually sisters?

Julia Tinetti and Cassandra Madison, both adopted as newborns from the Dominican Republic, experienced this. Tinetti discovered her sister through a DNA test after years of searching, and she eventually met her father and the rest of her family on a life-changing trip to her origin country.

Tinetti, 32, and Madison, 34, met in 2013 as coworkers at a Connecticut restaurant. They became fast friends after learning that they were both adopted from the Dominican Republic. They even have matching tattoos of the flag of the nation!

Image credit: photo via Julia Tinetti

They got so close that they checked to see whether their adoption documents matched, but they didn’t. Nonetheless, Madison persuaded Tinetti to undergo a DNA test in January 2021. That’s when they discovered their adoption papers were incorrect and they were, in fact, sisters!

Madison had undergone her own DNA test years before and had swiftly linked with her biological family. She couldn’t wait to meet them in person, and she was finally able to do so in 2019. “I hopped on a plane as soon as I could,” she explained.

Image credit: photo via Julia Tinetti

Her sister, on the other hand, was a little more anxious.

Tinetti had always wished for a father, having been adopted and reared by a single mother. The DNA test proved her biological family’s identities, but she was nervous about seeing them in person.

“I feared, ‘Are they going to adore me as much as they love Cassandra?” she recounted. ‘Are they going to accept me for who I am?'”

Tinetti paused and found several reasons to postpone her travel to the Dominican Republic. She first required a COVID vaccination. She then need a passport.

Madison, on the other hand, was adamant. Her daughter Catalina’s first birthday was approaching, and she planned to go to celebrate it with her entire extended family in October.

Image credit: photo via Julia Tinetti

“Catalina was never intended to have a grandfather,” Madison explained. My adoptive father is not active in my life, and my husband’s father died, so she was never intended to have a grandfather. So for her to have one and for him to be so amazing is great.”

And then there was the family reunion. Tinetti’s siblings and Catalina flew to the Dominican Republic in October of this year to meet her original family, which included her father and nine other siblings.

Image credit: photo via Julia Tinetti

Tinetti’s mother accompanied them on this historic journey. Tinetti didn’t want to irritate her adoptive family, but they were quite supportive. “Nobody was upset, nobody was threatened, everyone was delighted,” she explained.

Tinetti, on the other hand, worried as the jet touched down. “I was like, ‘I’m not ready yet,” she recounted. I’m not quite ready yet. I’m not quite ready yet.’ Cassandra, on the other hand, was excellent. ‘We’ll go whenever you’re ready,’ she effectively said. You simply notify me.”

When Tinetti was ready to go, all she could hear were applause from her biological family members.

Image credit: photo via Julia Tinetti

The entire family greeted them, wearing T-shirts with Tinetti and Madison’s faces and the phrase “Welcome to your family” in Spanish.

“Oh my God, they look just like me,” Tinetti recalled. My father was ahead of everyone, and he simply walked up to me and said, ‘My daughter,’ and he began weeping.”

She marked the occasion by uploading a video of her first embrace with her father on TikTok, which has received over 70,000 views.

Who knew that a DNA test would be the key to her reunion with her sister and the rest of her family?


“My whole life I grew up thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m adopted into this enormous Italian family,'” she explained. And it was great with me. And then, when I met them, I was like, ‘Oh, this is kind of the missing piece.’ Looking back, I think, ‘Oh, I really needed it.'”


Adriano Luna and his late wife were in financial difficulty in 1988. Madison’s parents made the painful decision to place her for adoption in order for her to have a better life. After less than two years, the couple was forced to place another daughter for adoption.

“My dad was like a small kid,” Madison explained. It was the first time dad had all of his children together in 35 years.” “Nothing can compare to the satisfaction I feel today,” Luna said after DNA testing let him reconnect with his biological daughters.


Tinetti also got the opportunity visit the Dominican Republic to meet her family to someone extremely special: the lady she intends to marry. Tinetti proposed to Dereka Mejia, a California-based emergency room nurse, on Venice Beach in November after they met on TikTok.


Her Dominican Republic family is overjoyed and can’t wait to meet Mejia. “Everyone is asking, ‘When is the wedding?'” Tinetti explained.

Tinetti’s vacation also included the purchase of a bike for her 13-year-old nephew, which she chronicled on TikTok. She offered the present since the boy walked an hour to school every day.


The video earned millions of likes and inspired people to buy gifts for him and other Dominican youths.


“Everyone’s like, ‘How do we help more kids?'” Tinetti added. She was so affected by the number of individuals who sent her clothing and sporting equipment that she made an Amazon wish list.


Tinetti accepts packages on behalf of her family because Amazon does not deliver to their house in the Dominican Republic. She plans to send the parcels personally or bring them with her on a subsequent visit.


An unusual meeting as coworkers, through sloppy paperwork, to a confirmed DNA test – this has been an incredible journey for the siblings and their family.


“The vacation was life-changing,” Tinetti remarked. This made me appreciate the life I had so much more.”


Madison, on the other hand, continues to watch recordings of her biological father interacting with his children and his first grandchild, her daughter.


After years apart, odd but lovely circumstances brought them all back together again.

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