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Yana, the Chimera cat whose parents look like they ran out of ink

The majority of people believe that having two faces is a terrible thing. Unless, of course, you’re Yana the cat. As you can see, this adorable chimera cat has the most stunning and distinct markings. When her parents were coloring her in, she appeared to run out of ink.

In July 2016, the cat was marketed on the Belarussian website Nasha Niva. She immediately found a new owner while looking for one. Her current friend is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a design and architecture student at the National Technical University in Minsk from Orsha, Belarus. Not only that, but she has over 80k Instagram followers and is a cyber celebrity! Yet, we are not surprised. You can’t help but like that face!

Yana, who lives in Minsk, differs from other Instagram-famous animals in that she was born with a chromosomal defect. The strange cat, known as a chimera, is made up of cells from many zygotes. This gives it a distinct color and a lovely “two-faced” appearance.

We’d say she’s the cat equivalent of Batman’s two-face. It’s almost like having two cats in one!

She resembles a cartoon figure… Did you know her name is derived from the Greek deity Janus, who is said to have two faces?

A cat out for a walk! We don’t commonly see it, let alone a chimera cat.

Yana is a beautiful cat. She’s really not like any other cat.

Yana is an expert photographer. This one is our favorite.

Yana and Nasha are two people. People frequently claim that dogs resemble their owners. We can see it!

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