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Young child finally gets to touch his beloved rainbow baby brother after years of asking

Some may view the photo of six-year-old Mikey Marotta cradling his little brother, Jake Marotta, as simply another typical snapshot of brothers showing their affection for one another.

However, Mikey’s parents, Jessica and Michael Marotta, see in his picture a youngster whose eyes are beaming with happiness after finally receiving his desire!

Mikey frequently asked his pleased parents when they were going to give him a brother to play with and indicated a great desire to have a baby sibling, according to the proud parents.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

Jessica revealed that she would always give her kid a hesitant “when it’s time” response. The small youngster has no idea that his parents are doing everything they can to fulfill his wish.

When Mikey became 3 years old, his parents began trying for a second child. How often, However, for how many times, the pregnancy test kept on showing a negative result.

The couple didn’t get the happy news that their family had been waiting to hear until 2016! A few days before Christmas, the test’s results eventually came back positive.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

Jessica and Michael were so ecstatic by the good news that they couldn’t contain it and told their parents. Those who were informed of Jessica’s good news rejoiced in their new blessings. Jessica pictured spending the holiday season with Mikey and his new brother.

But 11 weeks later, a tragic incident destroyed their family’s hopes. Jessica began bleeding while at work, and her baby’s heart stopped beating the following day.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

There aren’t enough words to express the depth of her and her husband’s sorrow over the angel they lost. Because they didn’t want Mikey to experience the same heartbreak, Jessica and Michael decided not to tell him about her pregnancy.

Jessica and Michael instead made the decision to relocate to a new neighborhood they could call home. They postponed and eventually gave up on their intentions to have parents.

We used to tell Mikey whenever he pleaded for a baby brother that there was a chance he would never receive one. Although it pained us to tell him these things, we managed to adjust to life as just the three of us in our new house.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

Jessica found out she was expecting again eight months after her miscarriage. She waited to tell Mikey about her pregnancy until she was twelve weeks along out of concern that she could experience another miscarriage.

“I was startled to learn we were expecting… Then, though, we resisted becoming enthused. We didn’t discuss it at all because we were so afraid. When asked about waiting to notify her brothers until after the first trimester, Jessica shared how excited Mikey was to learn of her pregnancy.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

He had tears in his eyes and was overjoyed. He was quite sensitive. He was curious as to when the baby might arrive.

At 30 weeks and 6 days, Mikey’s baby sibling had to be delivered by emergency C-section due to problems. Jake was born on March 6th and weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces. Mikey missed the chance to give his brother a hug as the medics rushed him away since he was a preterm baby.

In actuality, Mikey had to wait more than a week before he had the opportunity to share a private moment with his infant brother.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

It was quite tasty. He was overjoyed. He simply chuckled, but it was a tense giggle, as he began clutching Jake. He was so upset that he frequently blinked. He was so delighted at the same moment, making it one of the most emotional things I’ve ever witnessed without many tears. Jessica spoke, recalling the heartfelt event she had seen.

Mikey constantly visited and gave his baby brother the best care he could during the 62 days that Jake was in the NICU becoming stronger.

Jessica reported that the two boys had been cuddling up to one another ever before Jake was eventually permitted to go home and was discharged. demonstrating how close they are and how devoted they are with one another.

Image: Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

“Our two boys begin their days with cuddles in my bed every morning. I consider it an honor to see their affection. My husband and I frequently remark that we wish Jake looked at us the way he looks at Mikey because of their incredible relationship. Jessica expressed her gratitude and pride for her kids.

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